Month: January 2020

Best Antivirus Software For Online Esl Teachers

Best Antivirus Software For Online English Teachers in 2021

Online English teachers often overlook the importance of investing in antivirus software to protect their computers from being infected or hacked. It seems counterintuitive, because even the best computers are vulnerable to attacks. Being an online English teacher means you earn your income online, so if your computer goes down due to a security breach, so does your income. And that’s not cool.

Teach English Online

Teach English Online

Teach English Online: The Complete Guide Contents What Are The Advantages to Teach English Online? The online ESL industry is booming, with more people becoming online ESL teachers.There are so many reasons why people have made the decision to teach English online. While some people have made online ESL teaching a full-time endeavor, most people …

Teach English Online

American Esl Teachers Tax Irs

Expat Tax for US Teachers Abroad

Moving abroad to teach English is a major decision for anyone. One important, yet often overlooked, consideration about moving abroad is your tax obligations, both at home and in your foreign residence. This is particularly important to Americans, because of the US global taxation model. If you are an American ESL teacher, this brief guide will help spell out the basics of expat tax for US teachers abroad.

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