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There’s something wonderful about experiencing life abroad as an ESL Teacher. Learning a new language, immersing yourself in a new culture, indulging in authentic local cuisine, traveling to places most people will never get to see in their lifetimes. All of these, and more, represent the joys of being an English teacher in a foreign country.

What’s most amazing about it all is you could start your job search for ESL teaching jobs today and be on a plane to your new home abroad within a month. Yes, it can happen this fast, or even faster.

But things can go awfully wrong abroad too. You may discover that your employer has given you bad advice on arranging your visa and now you’re working illegally in a foreign country with no recourse should your employer refuse to provide you with a proper visa and work permit. Or refuse to pay your salary. Or extort you into doing more work than was agreed upon in your contract. You may indeed find out that the English language version of your contract is not legally enforceable, and the conditions in the local language version of your contract are considerably different. For example, you may be fined for 3-6 months of your salary for terminating your contract.

We think you get the picture.

We created ESL Job Exchange to help you find opportunities with quality ESL Employers.

Our combined 12 years of experience working in the ESL industry has given us insight into the differences between good job offers and bad ones. During that time, we have worked as teachers, recruiters, trainer and curriculum developers across three continents both in the classroom and online. We understand the ESL job market from all perspectives.

Our goal is to help you during each stage of the process, from getting qualified to getting hired to teaching students.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Help candidates search and find TEFL job opportunities that align with their career and life goals. We carefully screen every job listing that is submitted to this site to ensure employers and job opportunities are legitimate, and that they conform to our quality standards.

We aim to bring the best and most current TEFL job opportunities from around the globe to candidates who are serious about a career in TEFL.

Meet the ESL Job Exchange Founders

ESL Job Exchange Founders Devin Hargrove and Adil Vellani
ESL Job Exchange Founders Devin Hargrove and Adil Vellani

We are two TEFL teachers who have been on all sides of the spectrum, from teaching ESL students to hiring and on-boarding TEFL teachers, to living in a foreign country where English is not the native language. Recognizing that many TEFL job sites are difficult to navigate through to quality job opportunities and  inundated with cluttered advertising, we decided to offer a fresh and user-oriented experience to TEFL job search.

Devin Hargrove

Devin Hargrove

Devin has worked as a professional writer for over 6 years and as a TEFL instructor for over 2 years. He has worked to educate students of all ages in multiple countries across Asia and has experience working both online as well as offline. During his 2 years in the TEFL industry, Devin has worked as a teacher, recruiter, trainer, and content creator. He has been an award winning teacher for a major online education provider. Devin is from Texas, USA.

Adil Vellani

Adil has been living abroad since 1999. He has worked throughout Asia and the Middle East, and has taught English to learners of all ages at public schools, private schools and universities. He currently teaches English to engineering undergraduates at the Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering. Adil has also managed private language schools and has extensive experience hiring and onboarding TEFL teachers. More recently, Adil has worked with major online education platforms, helping to optimize their processes for hiring and onboarding new teachers, as well as improving their courseware content. Adil was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.