Best Country For ESL Teachers By Lifestyle

Note: I discussed in a prior article the best countries for ESL teachers looking to make a lot of cash. You can read that here. This will focus on countries which have lifestyle upsides. I will discuss further what that means below.

For teachers who are interested in keeping an active or interesting lifestyle in their new home country, fear not. While there are many places where an ESL teacher can find themselves such as in the middle of Siberia in a cold winter or in remote jungle towns throughout the world, thankfully, there are also a lot of countries that are perfect for teachers with active lifestyles and social lives. I’m going to go into a few of the top countries according to each lifestyle type.

What are we classifying as lifestyle?

Since the term lifestyle is extremely broad, I’m going to break it down into four different categories which are social, outdoors, historical, and food. Each of these categories is going to be subjective based on your own personal preferences (especially food), however, I’ve tried to only go with countries that there is a common consensus about the quality of each.

The main thing to remember is that just because a country ranks high on the list for lifestyle doesn’t mean it is going to be a great place to make or save money or that it will be easy to get hired. A few of the countries in this list are notorious for being difficult to find a job due to the high levels of competitions and some may have a very high cost of living combined with low to moderate salaries that will barely cover your expenses. Before you decide on working in one of these countries you will have to first look at your financial situation and see what your expected earnings will be as well as the average cost of living.

What are the Best countries by lifestyle?

Best Country for a Social Life


People partying on the island of Ibiza off the coast of Spain.

Though it may have a reputation as a laid-back country where a siesta is obligatory and Tapas and wine are always a short walk away, Spain has also cultivated a reputation as an international party destination. The main cities of Barcelona and Madrid are packed with bars with closing hours all the way to 6 am. The island of Ibiza has also become known as a party destination with music and film festivals spread throughout the year and bars known around the world for their late night raves. Barcelona is also a very popular destination for people from all around the world ensuring that ESL teachers living in the country will easily be able to find a new friend or group of friends to mix with.

Best Country for Food


Restaurant in Italy which offers a wide variety of food for ESL teachers.

Around the world Italian cuisine is regarded as some of the best food created. While this is going to be largely subjective, there is no denying that the rich flavors and fresh taste combined with the vast selection of wines and cheeses will certainly be a delight to ESL teachers living in the country. A word of warning, finding work in Italy can be extremely difficult due to the high levels of competition. This, combined with the lower salaries, should be something to think about before you rush off with passport in hand. Salaries for ESL teachers in Italy will be enough to cover the cost of living but not much else for most teaching positions.

Best Country for Outdoor Activities


Mountains in the Chinese countryside.

It may not be the first on many lists as the best place in the world for outdoors enthusiasts, but, being the fourth largest country in the world by land mass and spreading through different climates offers much in the way of outdoor recreation. ESL teachers who are fans of the great outdoors will find themselves a short flight or slightly longer train ride away from surfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, trekking, bungee jumping, skydiving, and hiking and camping. The massive size of the country also ensures that you can easily find a place to pitch your tent that is well away from the notorious group tours that populate many of the most popular national parks in the country. China is also a great place to find high salary jobs for teachers with the right qualifications.

Best Country for History and Culture


Historical Greek landmark.

One could easily argue that all three of the above-listed countries could qualify for this category. However, Greece has long been known as a place of great historical importance and one which offers visitors the chance to see what many believe to be the cradle of Western civilization. Visitors can find locations of historical importance spread throughout the country from the capital city of Athens to the more than 2,000 islands spread throughout the Mediterranean, Ionian, and Aegean seas which surround the country. Teachers can also spend time learning the Greek language which, being over 3,000 years old, is one of the oldest in the world. English-speaking EU residents will have the easiest time finding work in the country. Teachers who are not residents of the EU will find themselves working through much paperwork and regulation in order to secure work legally in the country.