Best Green Screen For Online Esl Teachers

Best Green Screens for Online ESL Teachers in 2021

Liven Up Your Online Lessons with these Top Green Screens
for Online ESL Teachers

Green screening was one of the movie industry’s best kept secrets for years. With current technology, anyone can easily set up a green screen and take advantage of the benefits of using them in the online classroom. Since everyone has different types of online classroom setups and lifestyles, we’re going to look at the best green screens for online ESL teachers through some of the more common contexts.

Best Green Screen Kits for Online ESL Teachers

The majority of online ESL teachers will be working from home. For those who have a spare room or home office where they set up their online classrooms, green screen kits are a quick, all-in-one solution. Green screen kits typically include a green screen cloth, lighting kits with umbrellas, and stand. They may also include a carry bag for portability, though the bag is more for transporting your kit by car than for air travel.

Green screen kit prices range between $40 – $300, but most online ESL teachers can get a decent complete kit between $70 and $80. Here are the best green screen kits for online ESL teachers.

  • Photography Lighting Kit Contents;  1x 8.5x10ft Backdrop Stand Support System, 1x 6x9ft Studio Backdrop Green Screen, 3x 4.4'' Heavy Duty Spring Background Clamps, 2x Photography Light Stands, 2x 45W Day Light Bulbs, 2x Single Head Light Holders, 2x 33' White Translucent Umbrellas, 1x Photo Shooting Carry Case
  • Wide Applications; This professional kit is perfect for video camera shooting, especially for studio portrait photography, food photography, animal photography, children photography, fashion photography, commercial photography, It is easy to be used by professionals and amateurs
  • Soft Day-Light Color; The white umbrella is made of nylon material, It can soften the lights and remove the shadows for perfect shooting; also 5500k day light bulb are creating neutral color, you can work in low contrast light environment. This kit works really well at reducing shadow, glare and spot in studio
  • Ideal for Portraits and Product Shooting; Adjustable backdrop stand and light stand, you can change size as your demand. Pack with background clips prevent screen slipping, it is suitable for heavy duty work. green chromakey muslin backdrop background screen kit, its surface can help absorb light and eliminate reflection, Ideal for portraits and product shooting
  • Convenient to Carry; This kit is packed with a carry bag, most of the parts can be folding , light weight, easy to install and pack, It meets your need for external use, it is really convenient for everyone
  • 🏝️【 2 in 1 Creative Idea】:The innovative concept of green screen backdrop with stand, making it more convenient to use the green screen kit. Aluminum alloy stand and soft green backdrop make the green screen kit with stand more durable.
  • ✈️【Portable & Set-up Fast】:Ultra-portable stand, only about 1kg, and can be easily picked up with one hand, which is easy to carry and store. The creative T-shape stand with one shaft is very easy to set up in only 2 minutes.
  • 🎖️【Quality Green Screen】:The completely uniform greenness greenscreen background with stand is perfect for chromakey. Machine washable, ironable, easy to clean, foldable, easy to store and carry.
  • 🔰【Practical T-shaped Tripod】:Features adjustable telescoping mechanism for raising and lowering the stand as desired,adjustable height is from 2.3 ft to 6.7 ft.Completely folded tripod does not take up space, is easily stored.
  • 💟【Wide Application】:No matter you are a vlogger, photographer, YouTuber, streaming video maker, if you want backgrounds to be much fun or protect your privacy, you need to use a green screen suit.
  • ⭐[1 x] 10 x 9.6 ft. Backdrop Stand [1 x] 10 x 20 ft. Green Backdrop [2 x] 33-inch White Umbrella [3 x] Light Stand [3 x] Bulb Socket [3 x] 45W Bulb [8 x] Elastic String Clip [4 x] Clamp [1 x] Carry Bag
  • ⭐ 10.5 ft. Extended Cable Cord Longer than Market Standard⭐ Upgrade new design extra long extension power cord from 8.2 ft. to 10.5 ft. easier to reach an electrical outlet without hassle.
  • ⭐The Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit, soften Lighting and set up the light differently depending on what effect. Light stand and bulb holders are flexible, the height of light stand can be adjusted between 2.5 ft.- 7 ft. The angle of the bulb holders can be turned vertically, manually adjust distance between light bulbs & umbrella to get best light.
  • ⭐Green screen videos can look amazing and can help any video that you produce stand out from the crowd. Videos are everywhere these days and the last thing you want to do is to spend a long time creating a very ordinary video which achieves nothing.
  • ⭐Once you create your own green screen studio you have so much more flexibility to create great looking videos and really achieve the results that you are looking for.

Best Collapsible Green Screen Backdrops for Online ESL Teachers

If you teach online in your home with limited space, then your best option is to get a collapsible green screen backdrop. The clear advantage of collapsible backdrops is that they can be quickly opened and closed, don’t require assembling or fudging around with separate stands, and can be stored away in a closet or in the basement when you’re not using it.

The disadvantages of collapsible green screen backdrops is that they are more expensive than full-on kits, and don’t include lighting sets. So, you will need to spend extra on lighting, and for this we recommend LED lamps for illuminating your workspace and backdrop.

  • Instant immersion: Wrinkle-resistant Green screen optimized for Camera Chroma keying
  • Ultra-quick deployment: Set up and pack up in seconds; Material: 100% Polyester
  • A rocksteady solution optimized for camera chroma keying, Green Screen sets the stage for truly immersive broadcasting in a matter of seconds
  • Transport subjects anywhere in a moment
  • Pop-up tech: Lift and let the Pneumatic X-frame automatically lock the screen in place
  • Concealable design: Retract into the hard case and stash out of sight
  • Dimensions: 1480 x 1800 millilitre / 58.27 x 70.87 inch (screen); 1645 x 105 x 115 millilitre/ 64.76 x 4.13 x 4.53 inch (retracted)
  • 【Premium Fabric】Professional wrinkle-resistant Green screen optimized for camera chroma keying making figure background-matting simple & convenient, also making color reduction more real.
  • 【Pneumatic X-Frame】The support height of the Pneumatic X-frame can be adjusted at will, when the screen reaches the appropriate height, it will be fixed automatically.
  • 【3 Second Set Up】The portable pull-up design allows the product to be installed in few seconds. Two rotatable support feet is equipped at the bottom, making the product more stable.
  • 【Save Your Space】You can easily push it back into the hard case after using, it can be folded to small size and stored under various furniture, reducing the storage area. Dimensions: 77 x 92 inch (open)/ 4.7 x 3.9 x 92 inch (retracted)
  • 【Widely used】 This green background can be used for Youtube videos, TikTok, live-streaming, interviews, music videos or live game at twitch. A great partner for your media career.
  • ✔No Risk Purchase & Customer Service: Every Mountdog Green Screen Backdrop sent to you has gone through strict quality inspection processes, please rest assured of the quality. If you have any questions, contact us and we are always here willing to help!
  • ✔All In One Design: 58.2x78.7 Inch(Working size)/2.95 x 4.13 x 59.8 Inch(Close). It also can fold up small enough to put underneath anyone's bed or couch, in a closet, or wherever.
  • ✔Premium Fabric: Wrinkle resistant screen made from 100% polyester has the features of good resilience, which is free from wrinkles and defects, more thicker and flatter, easy to clean.
  • ✔Pro Level Chroma Key Screen: Quick virtual production set-up and enhance chroma key performance. More vivid color to optimize color reproduction. Perfect for Photo Studio, Youtube Videos, Tik Tok, Zoom, Documentaries, Interviews, Music Videos, Live Game, Streamings, Filmmakers Etc
  • ✔3 Second Set Up, Stable & Sturdy: Just open the case and pull up the screen using the built-in handle. The back adopts double air pressure rod damping, and the positioning of the screen is simple and controllable, stable and sturdy.

Best Portable Green Screen Backdrops for Online ESL Teachers

Online ESL teachers who frequently travel will best meet their needs with a portable green screen backdrop. Portable green screen backdrops are different to collapsible green screen backdrops in that they can fit in a suitcase, making them the ideal option for online ESL teachers on the road. In addition to their portability, they are also more affordable than the full-on green screen kits and collapsible green screen backdrops. Due to their frame, they also don’t wrinkle easily, which is great because we want to avoid wrinkles in the green screen for best background results.

One major downside of portable green screens is that due to their compact size, you have to position them more precisely to fully cover your background. As well, while they are compact, they are sometimes a bit cumbersome to fold. Finally, if you are an online ESL teacher who likes to teach while standing, then this type of green screen backdrop is probably not the right item for you.

As with collapsible green screens, you’ll need to purchase your lighting set separately, and for portability, LED lights work best.

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: (1)5x6.5ft/ 150x200cm Blue & Green collapsible backdrop, (1)carry bag
  • IDEAL FOR: YouTube tutorials & livestream videos, interviews, corporate headshots, portraits, product photography, passport photos
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: The quick pop up design makes for fast & easy set up on location. When folded down it is a compact 24.8 inches/63 centimeters disc that can be stored in carrying bag conveniently.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Durable steel frame sewn into the fabric. The steel spring frame pops open the backdrop in seconds and helps maintain its shape
  • APPLY EVERYWHERE: You can hang this background from a tripod stand or a hook via the circle fitted on the top. You can also lean it against a wall or door on its frame to provide a background pretty much anywhere. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Kit Includes: 1x (5 x 7 ft)collapsible green screen backdrop, 1x adjustable support stand, 1x spare background clip, 1x portable carrying bag,If you need a better imaging effect, please keep enough light,
  • Adjustable Stand: the use of reinforced aluminum alloy tripod can enhance the stability of the stand without shaking, sturdy and durable, green screen stand can be adjusted to the required height according to the photography needs and locked firmly
  • Easy to Fold: 2-in-1 double-sided design, green screen backdrop with stand. The steel frame can keep the background flat without wrinkles and deformation. It can be easily folded in just a few seconds, and the folded size is 27 inches, which is easy to transport and store
  • Product Use: Green screen kit is suitable for product shooting, studio photography, broadcast screen, product shooting, interview, video conference, ideal studio photography props, can meet your different camera needs
  • Warm Reminder: before buying, please make sure that the size of this green screen meets your needs
  • After-sales Service: If you have any questions when purchasing our green screen, you can contact us at any time. Hope to bring you a good shopping experience,The product size is 5 feet x 7 feet, which is used in most scenes, but not necessarily suitable for multi-person scenes
  • POLYESTER COTTON: Made of high-quality polyester cotton with good light-absorbing, so this chromakey backdrop is not easy to reflect the light when, offer a good result for photography or video production.
  • 2-IN-1 CHROMAKEY BACKDROP: The collapsible backdrop for photography has 2 sides and 2 colors, one side is green, the other side is blue. The 2-in-1 design allows you to choose the better color when you shooting.
  • DURABLE STEEL FRAME: The frame of this backdrop is made of elastic steel which can help maintain its shape and prevent wrinkles. And the frame can be easily rested against a wall to provide an instant backdrop.
  • FOLDABLE & PARTABLE: This backdrop panel can be easily folded into a small and circular shape, the folded size is about 2.1ft. So it can be stored in the zippered storage bag conveniently, very easy to carry and store.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Works well for portrait photography, product shooting, youtube videos, zoom meeting, zoom calls, virture backgrounds, streaming live or games online, also perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other festivals. This blue and green double sided backdrop can meet your different needs.

Best Green Screen Paint for Online ESL Teachers

Though not for everyone, some online ESL teachers prefer not to mess about with positioning the green screen backdrop. If you have enough space and a wall you can paint, green screen paint is an excellent option. Even if you would rather not paint your wall green, you can get a wooden board, drywall or a thick sheet of cardboard to paint over. The great thing about green screen paint is that you don’t have to worry about creases and folds, kicking or tripping over the green screen stand, or messing about positioning it. You just paint the wall, or lean the board against the wall, and you’re good to go.

Of course, painting a color across a wall or board means you will need to know how to paint, and to make sure the paint is consistently applied. You may also need to apply a few coats to the wall or board.

  • Same color as a Green Screen
  • Specially Formulated for Video & Photo Production
  • Water-Based Latex Paint with Low reflectivity
  • Made in the USA
  • Dries in 60 mins
  • Same color as a Green Screen
  • NEW FOR 2020: Specially Formulated for HD Video & Photo Production
  • Includes Primer : HD 8K Primer gives Better Quality & Longer Lasting
  • Water-Based Latex Paint with Ultra Low reflectivity
  • Dries in 1 hour - Made in the USA
  • Same color as a Green Screen
  • NEW FOR 2020: Specially Formulated for HD Video & Photo Production
  • Includes Primer : HD 8K Primer gives Better Quality & Longer Lasting
  • Water-Based Latex Paint with Ultra Low reflectivity
  • Dries in 1 hour - Made in the USA

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Green Screen


The color of your green screen is crucial, because that will have the biggest impact on your green screening results. Green is the desired color because it doesn’t match any skin tone or hair color, so it is easy to isolate and delete. You will notice other color varieties available such as blue, black, and white. These are more useful for photography, especially for family portraits and passport photos, to give a clean, consistent background. A blue screen might also be used in situations where actors must wear green apparel for a movie or other videography, in which case, the color blue can be deleted to retain the actors’ green outfit. We want the green screen because we can replace the green color of the backdrop with an image or video using software with chroma key capability such as ManyCam.

Non-reflectiveness and Consistency

The ideal textile for your green screen is a green muslin cloth, because it is not very reflective, easy to iron, and does not wrinkle too easily. Other options are to use a wooden board, cardboard, or a wall, and paint it green. Either way, you want to ensure that the color and non-reflectiveness of the cloth or board is consistent, so there is no green screen bleed.

If you are using a cloth for your green screen, you need to be sure that the cloth is attached tensely to the frame so that there are no folds or creases in your backdrop.

Size (Length and Width)

You will need to determine the length and width you need your greens screen to be, based on your work space and whether you will be sitting or standing. It’s best to measure the space around your workstation to make sure your green screen can cover your background completely. We recommend measuring the length and height of your work area with you sitting or standing before buying a green screen.


While a green background is essential for high quality green screening, lighting is vital to your success with it. We have a complete article about the best LED lamps to use for online ESL teaching, and choosing good lighting is a combination of the brightness of your workspace (natural and artificial lighting), and positioning of the lights to achieve a consistent green screen background with no bleed.

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