Best Résumé Writing Services For ESL Teachers in 2021

Best Resume Writing Service For Esl Teachers
The dreaded résumé. Not everyone is good at or feels comfortable writing one. Fortunately, you can actually outsource this aspect of your job search to professional résumé writers. Here are the best résumé writing services for ESL teachers to get their résumés done professionally.

A Good Résumé Writing Service lets You Focus on Getting Hired Fast

Why You Might Need a Résumé Writing Service

For some, writing a résumé is a breeze. For others, not so much. But even if you think you can write an outstanding résumé, you might be better off letting a professional résumé writer take care of it. Why?

  • You can invest your time researching the employers you actually want to work for (which, ironically, many ESL teachers don’t do enough). If you suffer from writer’s block, you could potentially save several hours by hiring this work out
  • You might not be as good at writing a résumé as you might think. Hiring a résumé writer can ensure you get a well-written, spell-checked, grammar-checked document, which is kind of important if you are applying to teach English

Most résumé writing services are relatively affordable, and if you decide to use one for applying to ESL teaching job opportunities, you really only need to use it once. After your résumé has been professionally crafted, you can proceed to keep it updated regularly.

Based on our experience looking at thousands of résumés from ESL teachers, most ESL teachers would actually benefit from hiring a résumé writer. It’s both amazing and perplexing to witness ESL teachers post mediocrely-written résumés, only to complain that they aren’t receiving responses. Don’t take it personally, either – this is not limited to ESL teachers. The solution might be a long, hard look into the mirror and accepting the fact that while you may be an excellent ESL teacher, you might just be better off letting someone who is an excellent résumé writer take care of your résumé for you.

What to Look For Seeking Out a Quality Résumé Writing Service

The very first step in choosing a résumé writing service is to be sure the service provider can deliver the following:

  • Direct line of communication with the writer
  • Multiple (unlimited is even better) revisions
  • Ability to write résumés for your specific situation (e.g., entry level, experienced, or career change to ESL teacher)

If the résumé writing service also offers to build your LinkedIn profile, this is an added bonus, though at this time, most ESL employers invest little energy into LinkedIn. Still, if a prospective employer decides to search you online, a solid LinkedIn profile showing up in search results, particularly one that matches your résumé, can help employers take a step forward towards shortlisting or offering you a position. Some recruiters also peruse LinkedIn profiles to find candidates for the clientele.

Aside from what the service offers according to their website or customer support, it is important to screen consumer reviews, both positive and negative. The important caveat you need to keep in mind while combing through reviews is that consumer review sites are often manipulated. So, look for reviews that give more specific, relevant and realistic details, both positive and negative, rather than the more suspicious great service, got hired in one week, would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family type of reviews.

Finally, turnaround time is something to consider. You will certainly want to select a service that can deliver a well-crafted résumé quickly, but choose a résumé writing service that will deliver quality even if it is at the expense of speed. Trust your judgment that a service promising quick turnaround is probably not going to deliver the same level of quality as one that hesitates to make such a promise, instead insisting on getting it done well. If you plan ahead rather than wait for the last moment, you can expect to get your résumé delivered within one week.

How To Choose Resume Writing Service For Esl Teachers


The price you pay is going to vary from one résumé writing service to another, but will also depend on the package you choose. Most ESL teachers will do just fine selecting a résumé + cover letter option, as this is really all you need for applying to most ESL teaching positions. The price you pay for this type of package will typically range between $130 – $180. Assuming the writer spends about 5 hours writing your résumé, that’s between $26 – $36 per hour, which is about the same hourly rate you would earn as an ESL teacher in a large city in China, or as an online ESL teacher. Some résumé writing services charge more for faster turnaround times, but if you are well-prepared with your job search, you can expect to get your in a week, or less.

Résumé Writing Services We Recommend for ESL Teachers

Careers Booster is one of the top-rated résumé writing services online, according to reviews by users. Here are the pros and cons of having a Careers Booster write your résumé:



Resumes Planet is another top-tier résumé writing service, offering a fast and professional service and a guarantee that your résumé will get you an interview. Here are the pros and cons of Resumes Planet:



Resume Writers has been ranked the top résumé service by several résumé review sites, but if that isn’t enough, it was also mentioned in Time Magazine’s 2008 recession survival guide. This is a long-standing quality, résumé writing service, and their higher prices reflect that. Expect to pay nearly $200 for the résumé service alone, and close to $270 résumé + cover letter service. The price is steep, especially for most ESL teaching positions, but the quality of service that comes with it is high (A+ BBB rating), a turnaround time is 72 hours, and solid interview guarantee. Here are the pros and cons:



Other Factors to Consider

Writing a Résumé for ESL Teaching Jobs Abroad

Most online résumé writing services cater to a range of professions, including those working as educators. However, most people who hire professional résumé writers will be applying for jobs in-country, or at the very least, in the native English speaking world. If you are an ESL teacher seeking job opportunities where English is not the predominantly spoken language, your résumé will need to be adapted to the needs of those markets. For example, most employers in Asia and the Middle East are accustomed to résumés including the candidate’s photo and bio, such as date of birth, marital status, and nationality. You will need to give clear instructions to the professional résumé writer to ensure these pieces are incorporated into your résumé according to the expectations of prospective employers.

What an Interview Guarantee Really Means

Many online résumé writing services offer what they refer to as an interview guarantee, implying that the résumé you paid for will land you an interview. If not, you can have the résumé revised or rewritten at no extra cost. It’s important to be clear what the term interview means. In most cases, the résumé writing service defines the interview as any contact you receive from prospective employers as a result of submitting your résumé to apply for jobs. If you receive any communication to discuss your candidacy after applying for a job with the résumé you paid for, then the résumé is considered to be successful, whether or not that communication leads to an actual interview.

Which Résumé Writing Service is Best?

We would love to tell you there is one résumé writing service to rule them all, but as with so many professionally tailored services, experiences and opinions will vary. What we can say is that each of these have decent reputations and reviews for their résumé writing services. We recommend you first determine your budget, get a sense of your timeframe for applying to ESL teaching jobs, and then choose one of these three options.

If we really had to choose one, we would lean towards Resume Writers for their A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, and their 60 day interview guarantee. While it is more expensive than the other two we recommend, and doesn’t explicitly offer a money-back guarantee, we reckon most people want a professionally-written résumé and don’t want to spend time continuously revising it. You want to get down to business and apply for ESL teaching jobs, and get hired, using a résumé crafted by a professional writer who understands your needs well. You have two months to submit your résumé to employers before requesting a complete re-write if you aren’t contacted by any prospective employer within the 60 day window. The interview guarantee is what you really need.

Either way, any one of these three résumé writing services should be able to produce a professional ESL teacher résumé, so you can focus more of your energy on the actual job search.

Adil Vellani
Adil Vellani
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Adil Vellani is the co-founder of ESL Job Exchange. With more than 20 years of international experience in both the education and corporate sectors, Adil is devoted to sharing his knowledge and experience to help individuals and organizations connect and make a massive impact in the lives of ESL learners across the globe. Adil also lectures at the Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering, where he teaches aviation engineering students in an international degree program.
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