Standing Desks Can Help You Be More Active While Teaching Online

Best Standing Desks for Online ESL Teachers in 2021

Stand Up and Supercharge Your Online ESL Lessons.
Here are the Best Standing Desks for Online ESL Teachers

Why You Should Use a Standing Desk to Teach Online ESL

According to scientists James A. Levine, Charles E. Matthews, Jay Dicharry, and Tal Amassay, the hazards of sitting too long are manyfold:

  • Heart disease
  • Overproductive pancreas
  • Colon cancer
  • Foggy brain
  • Strained neck
  • Sore shoulders and back
  • Inflexible spine
  • Disk damage
  • Mushy abs
  • Tight hips
  • Limp glutes
  • Poor circulation in legs
  • Soft bones

If this is all too much to remember, or you prefer a neat, printable infographic to remind you, Washington Post has got your back (pun intended), which you can download here.

As an online ESL teacher, you know all too well that working online often translates to hours on end of sitting at a computer. So while some items on this list of health hazards might resonate with you, you might be feeling a bit tense about what to do (see what we did there?) to avoid them.

All of this might sound depressing, but we’ve got your back covered (aren’t we good at this?). Standing desks not only help you avoid the hazards of sitting for long periods, but can actually help you become a more interactive and engaging online ESL teacher. No kidding. We see online ESL teachers everywhere, and it’s clear as day which ones are standing or sitting – just look at how active and agile they are while teaching in front of their screens.

Standing up lets you jump, dance, run on the spot, and move around while interacting with your online students, and that means your students find you a lot more interesting and fun to learn with. Not to mention, as many online ESL teachers who have made the switch from sitting to standing will attest, it just feels great.

There are a variety of ways to set up a standing environment for teaching online ESL, but for the professional online ESL teacher, nothing replaces the versatility standing desks provide. In this post, we will focus on the two best options you have:

  • Standing desks
  • Standing desk converters

Standing Desks

Best Standing Desks For Online Esl Teachers

Standing desks are exactly that – desks that are built taller so you can stand while working on your computer. The greatest advantage of standing desks is that they are very affordable. Yes, there are more expensive options, but as an online ESL teacher, the standing desks we recommend are both excellent and affordable options.

Besides their affordability, standing desks take no more space – probably less – than conventional desks do. Because of their minimalistic and functional design, standing desks can easily fit into your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, and if you go for one with wheels, you can move your desk around wherever you need to be at home. We know online ESL teachers are busy bodies!

When choosing a standing desk, you need to also consider the following:

How tall are you?

If you are taller than average, you want to check that the height of the standing desk can be adjusted to comfort for your height while standing. The last thing you want is to be standing and slouching or looking down at your computer screen.

Do you use a laptop or desktop computer?

Your choice of standing desk should also align with the computer you use. If you use a desktop, for example, you’ll want a standing desk that has a storage tray for the computer chassis.

Laptops are a little easier due to their compact size, but positioning a laptop for standing also involves the ergonomics of you typing on a keyboard or using a mouse. If you use a laptop while standing, you might choose a standing desk that includes a keyboard and mouse tray for using an external keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

Do you use multiple screens?

Many online ESL teachers have discovered the magic of using two screens while teaching. It’s great to be able to work with your students on one screen, and keep your teaching schedule, lesson plans, notes and other app windows on a second screen. However, if you decide to stand up, you need to think about where you will place your second screen.

Do you use a lot of props?

Online ESL teachers typically use props while teaching, so you will want to think about how easy it is to pick up or put down props on your standing desk. All this requires is that your standing desk has ample space for resting props on the desk top. You can store the rest of your props in a box beside or under your standing desk.


Do you use a green screen?

If you use a green screen while teaching, you only need to make sure that the standing desk has adequate space for placing lights on the desk top, if your lighting set up requires it. LED lamps are great options to place or clip on to a standing desk.


Do you want to switch between sitting and standing from time to time?

Many online ESL teachers will want the flexibility to sit or stand, especially those who find standing for hours challenging, or for those who teach online for long stretches. As well, many online ESL teachers are freelancers who work on projects outside of online ESL teaching, and need to sit down from time to time. Anyone who fits this description should choose a standing desk that is adjustable for both standing and sitting height.

Do you already have a desk for teaching ESL online?

Chances are, you already have a desk you use for teaching online. If you plant to continue using that desk, then you can use a standing desk converter to give you the ability to stand – or sit – at your desk. We’ll be looking at standing desks in a moment.

We’ve reviewed and selected standing desks that will satisfy each of these concerns, and these are our recommended standing desks for online ESL teachers.


Best Standing Desks for Online ESL Teachers

  • Digital Display Handset - 4 memory preset options for easy adjustment.
  • Electric Lift System - Fully motorized lift from 28 to 45 Inches height.
  • Telescopic Height Adjustment - The strong legs use telescopic adjustment transitioning from sitting to standing from 28" to 46".
  • High-grade industrial steel, Desk Top has the grommets to organize you cords.
  • Dimensions: 55" W x 28" D x 28-45" H.
  • Electric Height Adjustable: The electric desk has 4 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 28.7" to 46", at a speed of 1"/second with low noise(under 50 dB) while running.
  • Elegant Workspace: The work surface measuring 48" x 24" is environmentally sourced and provides ample space for varieties of monitor or laptop setups.
  • Electric Lift System: The lift system with sturdy steel. Contained an industrial-grade steel frame that able to support up to 176 lbs.
  • Simple Assembly: The desk platform comes in 1 package, it is easy for assembly by the precise screws and accessories. You can also refer to our installation instruction video.
  • Built For Work From Home: The perfect standing desk to allow independent and remote workers to stay active, healthy, and productive while working from home. Precisely adjust your desk to your height and insert healthy movement into your day.
  • Simple, Easy Assembly: Our innovative quick-install design lets you get up and running in less than 5 minutes! A factory-installed crossbeam greatly simplifies the setup process, freeing up time so you can get back to what matters most.Quick installation can help office users improve efficiency.
  • Electric Height-Adjustble Lift Systerm: A sturdy and stable design provides a superior ergonomic sit-stand office experience, featuring a height range of 28.7" to 48.4"; a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs.; a speed of 1" per second; and low noise while running.
  • Your First Choice for SOHO: A seamless, minimalist design, with a sleek, modern contemporary look allows the desk to fit into any design aesthetic, while a generous work surface lets you get the most out of your space.
  • Sleek and Elegant Design: A no-frills 2-button control panel that offers simple, concise operation combined with 4 included adhesive cable ties that let you keep your cables out of sight help create a clean, minimal aesthetic.
  • We’ve Got Your Back: The new FLEXISPOT standing desk combined with EPA, CARB, UL, and FCC certifications and 100% compliance with local environmental regulations, you can rest assured that your new desk can handle whatever you throw at it.

Standing Desk Converters

Most of the well-designed standing desk converters are adjustable using levers. Some are gas powered, and can be raised or lowered simply by pulling up or pushing down on the desk itself. If you already have a desk at home you use for online teaching, a standing desk converter is the way to go.

There are some drawbacks, of course. Firstly, standing desk converters can sometimes be more expensive than purpose-built standing desks. Secondly, if you place your LED lamps on your desk on either side of your computer, you need to make sure the standing desk converter you choose has adequate space for placing the lamps on them, so that the lamps go up and down with your computer for both standing and sitting scenarios. Finally, when you raise the standing desk converter, your desk will be much lower. This means when you are teaching while standing, everything that is sitting on your desk (but not the standing desk converter) won’t always be within arm’s length.

On the whole, we feel standing desk converters are worth the additional investment due to the several benefits they offer over purpose-built standing desks.

Here are what we believe are the best standing desk converters for online ESL teachers. You will need to determine which one best matches your needs, considering the important aspects we raised earlier in this post.

  • 【Spacious Work Area】: The top surface measures 31.5” x 15.7” providing plenty of space for single monitor, dual monitor, and laptop + computer monitor setups. Raises up to 19.8 inches and lowers down to 4.3 inches making this ideal for you no matter your height
  • 【Dual Gas Spring Force 】:Go from sitting to standing in one easy smooth motion with dual gas spring force. Adjust to your proper comfort level by using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism
  • 【Sit or Stand 】: Adjustable workstation allows you to find that needed healthy balance between sitting and standing up throughout the day.
  • 【Fully Assembled】:Start standing right away and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity without wasting time on setup
  • 【Sturdy & Sleek】- Its strong base can hold up to 33 lbs.! Sturdy enough to hold your 2 monitors, or your beloved iMac, all of your favorite accessories, and anything your super powers require.
  • 【Adjustable Height Desk】 Standing desk converter goes from sitting to standing, The lift and descent action is very smooth, easy, hovering at any height (Adjustable range: 4.7'' to19.3''). This table is most suitable for people under 75 inches tall.
  • 【Generous desk surface】 This sit stand desk design with 2-tier, have a spacious work surface measures workstation top dimensions: 15.7" W x 31.9" L; REMOVABLE KEYBOARD TRAY dimensions: 11.8" W x 25.6" L can easily accommodate a full-sized keyboard and mouse or laptop and mouse combo.
  • 【Sturdy & Stable Material】Adjustable desk made with quality material:particleboard, heavy-duty steel SPCC frame, and melamine work surface; Desktop capacity 33 lbs , keyboard tray capacity 4.4 lbs; The rounded edges are also ergonomic and prevent scratches or irritation from hard edges.
  • 【Ergonomic & Comfort】 Adjustable height desk offers different comfort positions, just a second’s time, you can adjust your workstation from standing to sitting or from sitting to standing, allowing you to find that needed healthy balance between sitting and standing up throughout the day.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & Clean】 Our standing desk come with detailed assembly instruction and all hardware delivered, it is easy to set up your standing desk converter within 15 minutes. The smooth desktop facilitates daily maintenance,waterproof, non-slip, stains left on the table can be quickly wiped with a soft damp cloth.And we provide you with a free warranty service within one year.
  • IDEAL FOR CUBICLES AND L-SHAPED DESKS: The X-Elite Pro Corner is a standing desk converter with angled edges that fits perfectly into corners, cubicles and on L-shaped desks.
  • HUGE ONE-LEVEL SURFACE: The large desktop provides approximately 5 square feet of space that can accommodate a two-monitor setup as well as a mouse, keyboard, coffee mug, and more!
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Experience bounce-less typing and wobble-free work at any height with this sturdy and stable desktop.
  • EASY TO RAISE / LOWER: Lift and lower your desk quickly, easily and quietly with the assist of a strong, pneumatic pump that does the heavy lifting for you!
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED: This stand-up desk arrives fully assembled and ready to use out of the box!

Avoiding Fatigue While Standing

If standing for long periods, you may experience fatigue, which is why we prefer standing desk converters, as they enable you to stand or sit. But it’s not always convenient to switch between standing and sitting during the middle of a lesson. To solve this challenge, you can stand on a balance board. Standing on a balance board can not only help you avoid pain from standing for long periods, it can also help you improve your core strength and posture. Here are some balance boards we recommend:

  • 🎁【Unlimited Ways to Play】 As a fancy open ended toy, WOOD CITY Wobble Board is whatever you imagine it to be - a swing, a bridge, a shop, a cabin, a stepping stone, a lounge chair, a tunnel, a bridge, and so on, which helps kids turn what they imagine into reality.
  • 🎁【Body Balancing Exercise】The Balance Board for toddlers is designed for the vestibular system and body posture stimulating. Kids’ balance will be strengthened when they stand on the wobble board with a high center of gravity. It supports the muscles responsible for the correct posture develops a sense of balance.
  • 🎁【Both for Kids and Adults】 The board is a wooden toy that grows with the child and is also very suitable for adults. To get fit, stretch your back (as a seat aid) in yoga exercises, to train balance, or just because it's fun. It's possible to do a wide range of exercises on the wooden board. Suitable for gym and home.
  • 🎁【Eco-friendly Wooden Toy】 Highest quality natural wood, ecologically friendly lacquers. The wood has unique coloring, texture, grain, and mineral patterns in the outer layer, which make each board one of a kind. It is a great learning toy gift choice for kids age 18 months and up.
  • 🎁【Size & Weight】 Measures 35 inches long, 11.8 inches wide, 0.66 inches thick, and 6 inches tall at the highest point. This durable piece of Montessori furniture is a solid heirloom item that can be used for many years of adventure. It can safely hold up to 480lbs so that friends can join the fun too.
  • Black balance board can help improve core strength, coordination, posture, and balance
  • Suitable for a wide range of exercises, including push-ups, plank, standing balance poses, and targeted workouts for strengthening specific muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints
  • Solid wood top supports up to 265 pounds; non-slip surface for a secure grip
  • For individuals and athletes; ideal for a rehab center, gym, or home workout space
  • Measures 15.5 by 15.5 by 3.15 inches (LxWxH); backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty
  • IMPROVE BALANCE, ENHANCE SKILLS, BUILD STRENGTH: Premium Balance Board Trainer helps you improve core strength, balance, coordination, train strength, train muscle memory, and stamina; You can train balance, tricks and movements without the waves, great to build better balance for board sports like Surfing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Skateboarding, Standup Paddle, etc
  • MORE CHALLENGE WITH REMOVABLE STOPPERS: This Surfing Balance Board is fully equipped with 2 Removable Stoppers, 4 Screws to help you adjust the distance for your preferred level; There are 3 different distances for you to practice and switch between different levels: 11, 16, and 22 inches
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION, DURASOFT GRIP: Premium Surf Balance Board is made of high grade wood, support up to 350lbs; Special antiskid durasoft grip on the surface provides better grip and smoothness, safe and comfortable to use with or without shoes; Doesn’t scratch you or your floors like griptape or sandpaper you see on other balance boards
  • EASY GLIDE WOODEN ROLLER: Constructed of solid hard wood with a thick TPE layer, the roller slides easily, smoothly and does not damage the floor; The antislip roller works great on different types of flooring, including wood, carpet, cork, concrete and more

Wrapping Up

Much of your decision will come down to your space, budget, and preference whether to use a purpose-built standing desk or a standing desk converter. For most online ESL teachers interested in standing while teaching, we would lean towards a standing desk converter, because they offer more flexibility. They can be placed on a desk, table, or even a kitchen counter, and are portable. You can take a standing desk converter with you for the weekend or on a holiday. 

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