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Best Resume Writing Service For Esl Teachers
Adil Vellani

Best Résumé Writing Services For ESL Teachers in 2021

The dreaded résumé. Not everyone is good at or feels comfortable writing one. Fortunately, you can actually outsource this aspect of your job search to professional résumé writers. Here are the best résumé writing services for ESL teachers to get their résumés done professionally.

Ergonomic Chair Online Teacher
Adil Vellani

Best Ergonomic Chairs for Online Teachers in 2021

One of the most important – and least considered – pieces of equipment for your online teaching work space is your chair. Teaching online for hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair can put a strain on your back – and affect your posture. In this post, we’ll look at some ergonomic chairs for online teachers.

Best Led Lights For Online Esl Teachers
Adil Vellani

Best LED Lights For Online ESL Teachers in 2021

One of the most important aspects of an online ESL teacher’s home setup is lighting. Every online ESL teacher’s lighting needs will vary, depending on several factors. Still, there are some simple, cost-effective steps any online ESL teacher can take to brighten up their workspace, like using LED lights.

Best Props For Online Esl Teachers
Adil Vellani

Best Props for ESL Teachers and How to Use Them

Props are nothing new to ESL teachers, and online ESL teachers will almost certainly be expected to have a variety of props on hand to engage their students. If you’re just getting stsrted or seeking inspiration, here’s our guide to the best props for ESL teachers, and how to use them.

Equipment Needed To Teach Online
Adil Vellani

What Equipment Do You Need to Teach English Online?

Online teaching is gaining massive popularity. But there are upfront costs for equipment to teach online. In this post, online ESL teacher, who also freelances as an IT support expert, walks us through his thoughts on what equipment you need to teach online.

Tefl Requirements By Country
Adil Vellani

A Brief Guide to TEFL Requirements by Country

If you are planning to teach English abroad, you’ll need to first make sure you can satisfy the requirements to work legally in the country where you desire to work. In this post, we break down what you need to teach English in the most popular ESL markets.

Esl Books Middle School Students
Adil Vellani

5 Must Read Books for Middle School ESL Learners

As ESL learners enter middle school, much of their English language learning is focused on complex grammatical structures and test preparation. While these are important, it’s hard to argue the significance of reading to developing one’s English fluency, creative and critical thinking skills. Here are 5 books we think middle school ESL learners will thoroughly enjoy.

Best Esl Books For Young Learners
Adil Vellani

5 Must Read Books for Young ESL Learners

Reading in English is one of the most essential skills ESL learners should ideally acquire from a young age. This will help them establish a solid foundation in English during their formative years. Discover what we think are the essential books for young ESK learners to read.

Best Green Screen For Online Esl Teachers
Adil Vellani

Best Green Screens for Online ESL Teachers in 2021

As an online ESL teacher, you may be looking for ways to bring more fun and creativity into your virtual classroom. One of the easiest and most popular ways is to set up a green screen. In this post, we take a look at the best green screens for online ESL teachers.

Standing Desks Can Help You Be More Active While Teaching Online
Adil Vellani

Best Standing Desks for Online ESL Teachers in 2021

Many online ESL teachers have made the transition to standing up while teaching to avoid the many health hazards related to sitting for extended periods. But the biggest benefit many teachers experience when standing is improved interaction with their students. Here is our pick of the best standing desks for online ESL teachers.

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