Candidate FAQs

Here you’ll find common questions asked by candidates who visit our site.

No. ESL Job Exchange connects people exploring job opportunities in the ESL industry with employers around the world. We are not affiliated nor do we recruit for any employers at this time.

It depends. There is no one size fits all rule in every country that you must have a TEFL certification in order to find a job. Some countries, such as China, have made it a requirement that all teachers hold the proper certifications including TEFL, CELTA, teaching licence, etc. Other countries, however, have absolutely no requirements for these types of certifications. Be aware that even if the country you are looking to work in has not set standards for having a certification the school you are applying at may require you to have one. While we do recommend getting one in order to open yourself to more job opportunities, it will depend on where you are applying whether you should get a certification.

Yes. We have partnered with specific TEFL Certification providers that we feel confident recommending to those who want to become TEFL qualified teachers. We have selected our partners after extensive interviews, personally reviewing their courses, and validating that their certification programs are high-value to you. We receive a referral fee when you enroll in any of these programs through one of our affiliate links.

Yes. Registering an account helps both you and any prospective employer easily connect and move through the hiring process if there is mutual interest. When you create an account on this site, you will be able to create a profile, add your education and work experience and upload your resume. You will also be able to apply to current jobs listed on this site, and allow these employers to view your profile and resume to determine if you meet their hiring criteria. Employers whose jobs you have applied to will be able to communicate with you as part of their selection process. We do not sell your information or make it available to any third parties outside of this site. Only employers with a valid account on this site may be able to contact you if they intend to consider you for a job opening. This may also include recruiters that employers have retained to assist with their recruitment process.

Yes. All jobs posted on our job boards have been checked to ensure they are from legitimate schools or recruiters. However, it is impossible to keep every scam listing from making it through. For this reason, we encourage you to be cautious anytime you are communicating with an employer. Do not accept any job offer that does not include the proper visa and permits. Do not ever go to a country to work if you have not arranged your visa beforehand. Do not ever send money to a prospective employer for any reason. If you come across a scam listing on our site or if you have any issues with an employer please let us know.

Yes. To ensure that jobs are kept up to date we limit the duration a job listing will stay active. There may be instances when an active job on the site has already been filled although the employer has not marked the job as filled. It is at the discretion of the employer to mark a job as filled. Some employers choose to wait until the selected person has signed the employment contract and/or definitively joined the organization, while others simply neglect to mark a job as filled. We thank you for understanding in these circumstances.

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