Complete List Of Non-Native Online English Teaching Jobs

Non-Native English Speakers Teach English Online

Many companies both online and offline have ESL teaching jobs for non-native English speakers. The trick is to be a bit more patient and to ensure that you position yourself with the best qualifications possible. There are a large number of non-native English speakers who have gone on to have a successful career as an ESL teacher by knowing where to go. I’ve compiled a list below to help teachers more easily find the companies that are willing to hire them.

What should I be aware of?

The most important thing for you to remember is that you need to thoroughly check the laws in any country before you attempt to work. When it comes to online companies you won’t have any troubles, however, there are some countries such as Japan and China where being a native English speaker is a requirement for getting the right permits and visas you will need to teach English as a non-native speaker. This means that if you try to work in one of these countries you will be working illegally as you won’t be able to get the correct permits. With all of the jobs and countries that are willing to hire non-native English speakers, it is not worth working illegally and every day worrying about being caught by immigration authorities. Most countries will simply deport you and ban you from re-entry for a period of time, however, there are some countries where if you are caught working illegally you will be put in jail for a period of time before being required to pay a fine (often not a cheap one either) and then being deported and banned from re-entry. I do not advise anyone to work illegally and if you are approached by a school or company that is asking you to work illegally then you should also think about what other unscrupulous things they are willing to do such as not pay you. If you are working for a company or in a country illegally and your employer decides to not pay you then you will have no options for addressing your grievance. Think twice before working illegally no matter what you hear.

What will increase my chances of getting hired?

One of the best things you can do as a non-native English speaker is get a TEFL certification. This is going to set you apart from a large number of other candidates who are competing for the same position. Not only that, but, you may even be able to get a job over a native English speaker who doesn’t have a TEFL certificate or any other qualifications as schools and companies will know that you have been educated in teaching theory and have the ability to manage a class as well as in-class experience with actual ESL students.

Aside from a TEFL certification, you should make sure that your resume is up to par and written so as to paint you in the best light. This will help to set you apart from other candidates with poor resumes and will help you to get the interview. If you can stand out in the interview and really show them you have the ability to speak English at a fluent level then you’ve done a lot to ensure potential employers that they can rely on you in the classroom.

List of Non-native English Teacher Jobs

This list is updated regularly so check back often for updates and new companies.

Company NamePay RateNotesApplication URL
51TalkDependent on experienceNative and Filipino teachersApply
Acadsoc$1.75 – $2.50 (90 – 130 PHP) per hourFilipino teachers w/ neutral accent

TEFL certificate preferred

Altoral$3+ (80 pesos per 25 minutes)Filipino teachers w/ neutral accentsApply
BizMates$2 – $4/hour (140 – 220 pesos)Filipino teachers
University degree
23+ years of age
HelloKid$15/ hour base w/bonusApply
HiTutorUnknownDiploma in English

1+ year experience

ESL certificate

Native CampUp to $1200/monthApply
NicekidUp to $28/hourTeaching Experience

ESL Certificate

SkyengRussian teachersApply
Topica Native$8 – $16/hourApply
Tutoring$4/hour2+ years teaching experienceApply
Unhoop$2/hour (110 pesos)


Filipino teachersApply
VivaLingUnknown2 years experience

TEFL certificate

Waijiaoyi$18 – $20/hour with BonusesTEFL CertificateApply
Wonder Kids$15 – $25/hourDegree required

1+ years experience

23+ years of age

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