Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer 3 listing plans:
  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Elite

Each plan has been designed for different types of job advertisers:


Our Starter plan offers 1 standard job listing appearing on our job board, which is valid for 30 days from the date the listing is published. This is an ideal option for employers who need to:

  • Hire one teacher for an individual job opening within their organization
  • Hire multiple teachers for the same position within their organization.

Price: $90 (Single listing)


Our Pro plan offers 4 standard job listings appearing on our job board. Each listing is valid for 30 days from the date the listing is published. This is an affordable option for:
  • Employers who need to hire multiple teachers for different positions within their organization
  • Recruiters who need to source candidates for their clients

Price: $300 ($75 per listing)


Our Elite plan offers 12 job listings appearing on our job board. Elite plan users can also feature any of these jobs so that they will be prioritized and strategically displayed throughout this site. This plan is optimal for:

  • Large scale employers with a high demand for hiring teachers for different positions with their organization
  • Recruiters who need to source candidates for large scale clients

Price: $700 ($58 per listing)

Fair and Simple Pricing

Our goal is to ensure employers have the right tools to succeed in your online search for candidates, and to provide a fair and sustainable platform for employers and candidates.

Employers can purchase any of these plans that best meet their specific hiring needs.

Get Started

Yes. We moderate all jobs before publishing them. To ensure a fair and user-friendly job board, we check for the following before approving your job listing:

  • Each listing must be for a single job and for one organization only. Any listing submitted which contains multiple jobs for or more organizations will be rejected. A job listing to advertise one job with multiple openings in the same organization is acceptable.
  • When submitting a job listing, you must provide an email address for receiving job applications. You may optionally provide a URL for applicants to submit their job applications on your own website. We provide specific fields in the job submission form for both your email address and URL. Please do not include any email addresses or external links within the job description, as these will be removed by our moderators, or your listing will be rejected. This is to prevent others from using our job board to present fraudulent job listings or referral links. Help keep our job board fair for all employers and candidates.
  • Ensure your job submission is uses clear and accurate English language and that it presents correct information about the job opening and the organization.

Presently, employers can view and contact any candidate who has applied for a job listed by the employer. When a candidate applies to your job listing, you will receive an email notification providing the candidate’s information. You will also be able to view the candidate’s online resume via your candidate dashboard on this site.

In the future, we plan to provide an option for employers to view all candidates in our database for an additional fee.

Yes. You can view your job listing stats when you are logged into your account. Click on My Account and choose My Job Stats from the dashboard. You can then view job stats for all of your job listings.

Currently, we do not offer a subscription plan. However, we plan to offer subscription plans in the future for organizations who have a high demand for recruiting teachers.

Candidates will apply for jobs that match their qualifications, experience, career, and personal goals. Other factors such as high and low hiring seasons, how long your job listing appears on this site, whether the job listing is featured, and the competitiveness/attractiveness of your job offer, can affect the performance of your job listing. For this reason, we cannot guarantee your job listing will yield a successful hire.

To improve your chances of success, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure your job listing is for a single job opening. Candidates search for specific jobs, not for recruitment advertisements. We see too many recruiters stuffing several job openings into a single job listing, which ultimately does not attract quality candidates. By providing a clear and specific job description and conditions of employment, you can align your job more closely to your ideal candidate, and improve the chances that these candidates will search and find your job opportunity.
  • Present your job listing professionally. Use English language throughout your job listing and make sure the language is concise and accurate. Your job listing is the first impression candidates will have of your organization.
  • Plan well ahead. Most ESL jobs require candidates to travel from their home country to your country. On the part of the candidate, this involves making major decisions, planning and arranging visas and documents. On your part, this involves screening, shortlisting and interviewing candidates, before offering the best candidate an employment offer and contract. This can take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months, depending on the visa requirements, hiring season and other factors. We recommend you plan to list your job early and for at least 90 days consecutively, to allow enough candidates to view your job listing. Unfortunately, 30 days is not often enough time given the nature of the ESL industry.
  • Compare your job offer to other similar job offers. Job openings with more competitive salaries, benefits, conditions, popular locations, simulating work environment, and clearly demonstrable support from the employer will yield more applicants. If your job offer is not attractive for any of the above reasons, this can impact the performance of your job listing and candidate search.

We offer a conditional refund. Please see our full refund policy.

Currently, we do not offer recruitment services. All job listings are independently managed by each employer.

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