Healthiest Cities For TEFL Teachers

Staying fit and healthy while teaching English abroad is important. Not only will staying healthy keep you from missing work and upsetting your employer but, you can minimize potentially expensive hospital bills. A good place to start in your quest to stay healthy is by choosing one of the healthiest cities in the world for TEFL teachers.

What are some things to consider?

This is not a list of the healthiest cities in the world. Instead, this is a list of the four healthiest cities for TEFL teachers. It is important to make that distinction.

If you look for a list of the healthiest cities in the world you will probably notice that none of the cities listed here make the top ten list. This doesn’t diminish the fact that all four of the cities listed fall within the top 100 healthiest cities in the world. It simply means the may not be the overall healthiest in the world.

These four cities rank incredibly high for things like access to health care, life expectancy at birth, and air and water quality. One or more of these cities most likely rank better than your home city if you live in the United States or the United Kingdom.  

It is also important to take into consideration that health doesn’t necessarily translate into wealth. There is no guarantee that you can command a high salary in any of these countries. That being said, two of the four cities listed are in countries that are known for having some of the highest salaries for ESL teachers.

What are the criteria for healthiest cities?

The cities on this list have been curated from the list of healthiest cities in the world as posted on Spot A Home. This list specifically contains cities that are popular for TEFL teachers.

Spot A Home has different criteria that are used to rank the healthiest cities in the world. You can check out the complete criteria list here. However, some of these include air and water quality, the obesity rate in adults, green space, and life expectancy at birth.

The cities selected for this list were specifically chosen due to their popularity with TEFL teachers and their abundance of job opportunities.

What are the healthiest cities for TEFL teachers?

Muscat, Oman

Muscat, Oman one of the healthiest cities for TEFL teachers.Muscat is the capital city of Oman and is the highest rated city on our list. In the complete list of healthiest cities in the world, Muscat comes in at 33. Muscat ranks high for the annual sunshine hours, low level of fast food outlets, and good air and water quality. Oman is an oil producing nation and has benefited greatly from the wealth generated from oil exportation as well as the wealth of its merchants. One of the areas that benefited the most has been the health care system which has benefited from heavy government investment. Oman ranks 8th according to the World Health Organization for the Middle East and North Africa compared to the United Arab Emirates which ranks 27th.

Seoul, South Korea

Soccer field at Seoul University, One of the healthiest cities for TEFL teachers.Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and the most populous city on the Korean Peninsula. The city ranks high on the list of healthiest cities for life expectancy at birth and low levels of adult obesity. The city also has a lot of green space that can be utilized for outdoor activities. Overall, Seoul ranks number 37 on the complete list of healthiest cities but is a great place for TEFL teachers looking to stay healthy. Seoul is known for having a top quality healthcare system but receives some low marks in the areas of annual sunshine hours and annual vacation days.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi skyline. One of the healthiest cities for TEFL teachers.

Abu Dhabi is one of seven Emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates. While not technically a city in the way we normally think of cities in the west, it nonetheless rounds out the number three position on our list. Overall, Abu Dhabi comes in at number 41 for the healthiest cities in the world. As with Muscat, Abu Dhabi has greatly benefited from the wealth generated from oil exportation. The city ranks highly for annual hours of sunshine, low numbers of fast food establishments, and annual vacation days which also works in the favor of TEFL teachers in the country.

Tokyo, Japan

Cherry Trees in Tokyo, Japan. One of the healthiest cities for TEFL teachers.The final city on our list is the capital of Japan. Tokyo ranks 49th overall on the Spot A Home list of healthiest cities in the world. The city has one of the highest life expectancy levels of any city on the list as well as an extremely low adult obesity level. The many parks throughout the city provide a great place for teachers to exercise. The city ranks lower in terms of annual hours of sunshine and comes in around the middle overall for air and water quality. These factors, combined with the poor work-life balance, puts Tokyo at the end of our list and right in the middle of the overall healthiest cities in the world.

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