High Paying ESL Teaching Jobs: Interview with Ben Teaches English Overseas

This month’s interview was with Ben, founder of the website Ben Teaches English Overseas. Ben has been teaching English for a number of years and is notable for creating a six-figure income from teaching English.
In this video, he discusses how he went from being in the Navy to teaching English abroad and the epiphany which led him to look for higher paying jobs teaching English overseas. He also gives advice to teachers who may be wondering how they can increase their income and how they too can find higher paying jobs to apply for.
Finally, Ben discusses different investments that teachers can make with their money which he has used personally to ensure security in the future.
Ben has a course for teachers who are interested in learning how to find higher paying jobs. This course can be found on his website along with testimonials from past teachers who have found success with his course. Ben also regularly publishes videos on his Youtube Channel and can be found on Facebook.