This is a work from home opportunity where you can earn up to $4.00 (PHP195) per 50 minutes.

To Apply:

Please go to the following website to apply online:

Job Description:

Tutors will teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to overseas students in China (age 5 to 18).

Tutors will be provided with the opportunity to experience Alo7’s cutting edge tutoring platform ( we have our own platform and do not use ZOOM), and interactive content, which is easy to operate, fun and interactive, a combination of arts and technology, and a reflection of MIT Media Lab experiences.

Tutoring sessions are mostly 1 to 1(1 tutor with 1 student), 1 to 3+ (1 tutor with 3 students +), or group sessions.

Tutors have the freedom of opening time slots during Peak tutoring time where the students are available for tutoring. Like all tutoring work, bookings are done by end-users, hence by schools for this Alo7 opportunity. Unlike individual students, schools tend to book classes in bulk. The majority of classes are booked for weeks at a time.

For booked classes, if you can not make it, we do require advanced notice so that these classes can be re-assigned to other tutors while you are on leave. The class you tutor is a review of what they’ve learned in the classroom. Such tutoring is very important for the students as they are eager to learn from English speakers who speak English at an idiomatic level.


– Proficiency in oral English, with a neutral accent.

– Associate degree + or enrolled at a  4-year college

– Teaching or tutoring or educator experience is preferred, but not required

– Knowledge of a foreign language is NOT required

If you don’t know any other foreign language, you can still teach English, as we have all the developed curriculum for you to use.

Position Requirements:

– A quiet room with good lighting

Network or Wifi Speed: at least 8Mbps / 4 Mbps (downlink and upper link)

You can check your speed using this link:

If your speed is not met, please talk to your internet service provider.

Camera: HD External camera or HD integrated camera (Most laptops have it)

Headset: Use a headset with a microphone, stable output, and input

Tutoring Hours:

Your students will be based in Asia and will be in Beijing time.

The peak tutoring hours are 6 pm to 9 pm Beijing time, every day of the week.

Available tutoring hours beyond the peak tutoring hours are 9 am to Noon Beijing Time on Saturday and Sunday.


This is an independent contractor position. You have the potential to earn between $3.35 (PHP160) and $4.00 (PHP195) per 50 minutes.  PHP amount varies based on the USD / PHP daily market exchange rate.  All compensations are based on USD.

Each 25-minute class pays $1.375 (PHP66) per class or each 50-minute class pays $2.75 (PHP132) per class as the base rate. This base rate applies to most programs. Additional Incentives to Independent Tutor for 1 to 1, 1 to 3+, and 1 to Many Classes are provided.

1 to 1 , 1 to 3+ tutoring: You can earn additional incentives based on the stability and quality of your classes. Incentives can reach up to 47% extra on top of your base pay.

Each 1 to 1 class can be paid up to $3.35 (PHP160) per 50-minute session for new tutors if they tutor well and are stable; and $4.00 (PHP195) per 50-minute session for tutors of 1 to Many classes. 

We also provide $0.92 (PHP45) to you if clients cancel within 24 hours

For outstanding tutors who have some extra time during the day, we might offer other freelance opportunities with ALO7, such as writing, presentation development, curriculum development.

We also offer freelance opportunities like trainer or blog writer or curriculum developer or recruiter if they are willing to take on extra projects.

Why working with Alo7

We are the largest B2B English digital curriculum publisher for K-12 in China.  We partner with thousands of schools and millions of students.  We have a very high rating ranging from 4.3 to 5 on Glassdoor, Indeed, and Facebook. We care about our tutors.  We pay our tutors on time.  We communicate with our tutors.  We provide a great environment for tutors to thrive and we have many more opportunities in addition to teaching.

Company Summary: was founded by Pengkai Pan, who holds a PhD from the MIT Media Lab. Its initial angel investors included digital pioneer Professor Nicholas Negroponte, who is the MIT Media Lab Founder, and several international venture capital companies.

Alo7 is the largest digital English Language Teaching (ELT) product and solutions provider in China, with more than 10M registered users and more than 2,000 training school partners. We are revolutionizing the way English is learned and taught throughout China, from how schools are managed to how schools and homes are connected in the mobile Internet age.

Alo7 aims to be the largest online education platform by end of  2018, as large educational institutions in China are all Alo7’s partners. Currently, these partner schools are using Alo7’s digital curriculum in the classroom setting and have started to offer Alo7’s online tutoring services to their existing student bases, with an aggregated number of users easily exceeding one million.

Alo7 is invested by major US companies like Qualcomm Inc (QCOM) and other leading international companies.

To Apply:

Please go to the following website to apply online:

Our Sites:

Instagram: alo7_onlinetutoring

Twitter: #Alo7English

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