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Best Props For Online Esl Teachers

Best Props for ESL Teachers and How to Use Them

Props are nothing new to ESL teachers, and online ESL teachers will almost certainly be expected to have a variety of props on hand to engage their students. If you’re just getting stsrted or seeking inspiration, here’s our guide to the best props for ESL teachers, and how to use them.

Esl Books Middle School Students

5 Must Read Books for Middle School ESL Learners

As ESL learners enter middle school, much of their English language learning is focused on complex grammatical structures and test preparation. While these are important, it’s hard to argue the significance of reading to developing one’s English fluency, creative and critical thinking skills. Here are 5 books we think middle school ESL learners will thoroughly enjoy.

Best Esl Books For Young Learners

5 Must Read Books for Young ESL Learners

Reading in English is one of the most essential skills ESL learners should ideally acquire from a young age. This will help them establish a solid foundation in English during their formative years. Discover what we think are the essential books for young ESK learners to read.

Why Esl Teachers Should Use Antivirus Software

Why ESL Teachers Should Use an Antivirus App

While computers are much better equipped to handle security than they used to be, the threat of online viruses, malware and ransomware is very real. Not only is your computer at risk, so is your personal information, and everyone else’s who you communicate or share data with. That’s why it’s

Two people standing in front of multi colored lanterns showing the teaching of different cultures.

Teaching Different Cultures In Your ESL Classroom

With Christmas and other holidays coming up throughout the Western world, it can be a perfect time to introduce your students to different cultures relevant to English speaking. However, many newer teachers may be reluctant to try and introduce these sorts of topics out of fear speaking on something they

Chart showing upward trends in the ESL industry.

Researching Employment Trends In ESL

Before looking for a new job it is important to understand the different employment trends that affect the specific industry you are looking into. This is especially true in the TEFL industry which is constantly going through change. Every decade there are new countries rising up into the top places to

ESL Teacher drawing on a white board and turning around to conduct classroom management.

Classroom Management For ESL Teachers

It is inevitable that things are going to go wrong during your time as an online or classroom TEFL teacher. Understanding exactly what can go wrong and then having an effective classroom management plan in place to deal with the issues is a major step towards taking control. You want

Lesson Planning For ESL Classes

Creating Lesson Plans For Your ESL Class

Lesson plans shouldn’t just be something you robotically produce to satisfy the requirements of your school’s administration. Creating lesson plans should be something that helps you to more effectively teach and better understand and serve the needs of your students. The great part about this is, once you develop proper

Best Handbags For Esl Teachers

Best Bags For Teachers On The Go

Being an English teacher abroad often means having to carry stuff: books, clothes, computers, and. more. Here’s our recommended selection of bags for teachers on the go.

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