Teach English in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global center for trade and commerce. It also offers among the best opportunities for highly qualified teachers to earn a high income while living in a world-class city.

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Featured Jobs in Hong Kong

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Teach English in Hong Kong

What to Know about Teach English in Hong Kong

Employment Requirements

  • Education

    A minimum university bachelor degree is required to teach English in Hong Kong.
    Bachelor in Education or English as well as teaching qualification is highly preferred for public school positions.

  • TEFL Certification

    TEFL Certification is required. A minimum of 150-hour TEFL certification which includes a practicum is recommended to qualify for NET Scheme positions.

  • Citizenship Requirements

    The Hong Kong Government's Native English Teacher (NET) Scheme requires teachers to be native speakers of English or possess native-speaker English competence. There is no requirement to hiring specific nationalities.
    Private employers may prefer specific nationalities based on their school program needs

Contract Hours and Terms

  • Types of Jobs

    NET Scheme jobs are primary and secondary public school teaching positions
    Some private school positions cater to school children while others cater to business professionals

  • Teaching Hours

    20-30 teaching hours and lesson preparation time, depending on type of employer

  • Vacation

    Public Schools: Public holidays and school holidays
    Private Schools/Language Schools: Public holidays plus 7-14 paid vacation days
    Specific vacation terms vary by employer

  • Contract Period

    NET Scheme Employers: 2 years
    Non-NET Scheme and Private Employers: Contract period varies by employer

Income and Living Costs

  • Salary

    $2500- 6000 per month

  • Living Costs

    $2500 - 5000 per month

  • Savings Potential

    $400 - 3500 per month

  • Startup Cost

    $2000 - 3000

  • Housing

    NET Scheme: Housing allowance ~$3200 (25,000 HKD) per month
    Non-NET Scheme and Private Schools: Housing allowance may be offered

  • Airfare

    NET Scheme: Roundtrip airfare reimbursed for up to four family members
    Non-NET Scheme and Private Schools Airfare cover or reimbursement varies by employer

  • Health Insurance

    National Health Insurance System (co-pay)

Getting Hired

  • Best Time to Apply

    NET Scheme: January
    Other Employers Year-round

  • Hiring Process

    1-2 interviews by phone or Skype, followed by job offer and contract if successful

  • Visas

    Work visas provided. Many private school/language school positions prefer applicants who are Hong Kong residents

Hong Kong Quick Facts

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