Teach English In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East. The country is rich in both history and wealth, which is derived from its vast petroleum economy. Saudi Arabia also happens to be one of the most lucrative job markets for qualified English teachers.

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Recommended TEFL Certification to
Teach English In Saudi Arabia

What to Know about Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

Employment Requirements

  • Education

    A minimum university bachelor degree is required to teach English in Saudi Arabia. A Masters degree or higher as well as a major in Education or English is strongly preferred. Online degrees are almost always not accepted. Many positions require a teaching license or certificate from the teacher's home country, as well as a minimum of 2 years teaching experience at the appropriate grade level and subject.

  • TEFL Certification

    TEFL Certification is required. A minimum of 150-hour TEFL certification which includes a practicum is necessary. Most employers will not accept online TEFL certifications.

  • Citizenship Requirements

    Most employers require citizens of USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. However, citizens of other countries who are fluent in English, satisfy the educational requirements and hold a TEFL certification can find job opportunities.

Contract Hours and Terms

  • Types of Jobs

    International schools, vocational colleges

  • Teaching Hours

    20-40 teaching hours and lesson preparation time, depending on type of employer

  • Vacation

    1-2 months in July/August, depending on type of employer and contract

  • Contract Period

    12 months

Income and Living Costs

  • Salary

    $1500 - $4500 per month (tax-free)
    Varies by type of employer and one's teaching qualifications and experience

  • Living Costs

    $700 - 1000 per month (with housing provided)

  • Savings Potential

    $800 - 1500 per month, depending on income

  • Startup Cost

    $1000 - 1500

  • Housing

    Many employers provide housing or housing allowance to accommodate the teacher and any accompanying family members

  • Airfare

    Most employers provide roundtrip airfare for the teacher and any accompanying family members

  • Health Insurance

    Most employers cover health insurance for the teacher and may also cover accompanying family members

  • Contract Completion Bonus

    End of service (gratuity) payment is required by Saudi Arabian law and the payment you are entitled to upon completing your contract is calculated based on the contract terms and length of service.

Getting Hired

  • Best Time to Apply

    Year-round. Schools may start their hiring process several months in advance.

  • Hiring Process

    Interviews are held in advance over the phone and in some cases in-person via placement agencies. Teachers already based in UAE may be able to find work locally

  • Visas

    Work visa sponsored by school

Popular Cities to Teach English In Saudi Arabia

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