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Is Teaching English Online a Good Job? Jason McCarthy at DigiNo Answers Your Questions

Jason Quit His Job To Pursue His Dream Of Becoming A Writer. But Teaching English Online Paid The Bills And Opened New Doors.

Teaching English Online has helped me to travel the world, and see more of the world than when I was working in an office.

Jason McCarthy, DigiNo.org

Jason quit his office job to pursue his dream of becoming a fantasy writer. While he accomplished his goal and self-published his first book, he needed to pay his bills. This is when he discovered the world of online ESL, and became an online English teacher. Teaching online paid the bills, and also freed him up to do things he never could do working in an office job, like traveling, and, oh, did we mention, building a bustling online business? 

Jason is the founder of DigiNo.org, which introduces people to the world of online ESL, and helps online ESL teachers excel at what they do. He is yet another example of someone who looked beyond the obvious and took advantage of the incredible opportunities teaching English online had to offer.

Is Teaching English Online a Good Job? We Don't Think It's The Right Question To Ask. Here's Why...

Is teaching English online a good job? That depends on what your reasons are for considering whether teaching English online is right for you. There are thousands of people teaching online for various reasons. Some do it to pay bills and increase their savings. Others are teaching English online as a legitimate way to earn an income and stay at home with their children. Many are school teachers who wanted a change from the traditional classroom and possibly even use their online ESL job to launch their own private tutoring business. Many online ESL teachers are retirees who have discovered the joys of teaching young children, and a renewed sense of purpose after retirement. People pursuing a Masters degree or PhD are teaching English to pay their way through university. Countless online ESL teachers are wanderlust, or have moved to another country where the income from teaching English online can actually support a decent lifestyle. Some people have just graduated and instead of being jobless for several months, teach English online as a way to pay off their student loans and earn some money while searching for a full-time job.

And then there are people like Jason, who through teaching English online, discovered new passions and started an online business.

We interviewed another Jason, who while teaching English part-time for one of the most respected online ESL companies in China, landed a full-time management job and moved to Shanghai to work with that same company.

What’s magical about teaching English – whether online or abroad – is that it opens new windows to more lucrative careers, or even a business, if you have clear goals, a positive mindset, and ambition. People often overlook this, and don’t see teaching English as a serious career path, when in fact, many people have become immensely successful thanks in large part to teaching English at some stage in their lives.

So, is teaching English online a good job? Yes – if you know why you want to do it, and understand how it fits into the greater purpose of your life. No – if you are simply looking for a quick fix to quit your day job and replace a full-time income.

Jason's Journey Into Teaching English Online

We met up with Jason to talk about his journey into teaching English online and how it helped him accomplish his goals and shape his life. He also shares his views about becoming an online ESL teacher, and what direction he thinks the online ESL industry is heading.

Jason is a big proponent of earning an online income, and teaching English online is one of the easiest ways to start earning an online income as a fluent English speaker with a university degree and a TEFL certification.

We hope you enjoy this interview and that it helps you decide if teaching English online is a good job for you.

Is Teaching English Online A Good Job? Jason Shares His Story And Answers Your Questions

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