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A Complete Review of the Premier TEFL 168 Hour Online TEFL Certification

Note: This is a complete review of the Premier TEFL 168-hour online TEFL course. We only recommend courses that we have personally audited. We review and highlight both the positives as well as what we feel can be improved, and will always be honest about this in the review. So let’s get started our Premier TEFL review. 

About Premier TEFL

Company Background

Premier TEFL is a certification company based out of Ireland. The founders of Premier TEFL have over 30 years of combined experience in the English teaching and TEFL industries. The company offers programs including TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certification, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Certification, Business English Certification, and others. They offer both online and blended courses.

Premier TEFL Accreditation

Premier TEFL is accredited by the ACDL, the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning. The ACDL is an accreditation organization based in the United Kingdom and provides accreditation to organizations which offer online courses in various fields including journalism, programming, language education, etc.

It is a major plus that Premier TEFL holds an accreditation, however, it should be noted that the ACDL is a newer organization and not much is out there in terms of information about the organization or their history. There are other TEFL providers which have accreditation from better-known organizations.

While accreditation is an important aspect of selecting a quality and reputable TEFL provider, it is in no way a guarantee that a provider is top notch. There are excellent providers which may not have the best accreditation and there are sub-par TEFL certification providers which have robust accreditation profiles.

Courses Offered by Premier TEFL

Online Courses

  • 290 Hour with OFQUAL Certificate
  • 230 Hour with OFQUAL Certificate
  • 168 Hour with OFQUAL Certificate
  • 240 Hour Expert TEFL Course
  • 120 Hour Advanced Course

Blended Learning Courses

  • 180 Hour Certification – Czech Republic
  • 180 Hour Certification – Hungary
  • 180 Hour Certification – Poland
  • 180 Hour Certification – Romania

Specialist Courses

  • Teaching English Online – 30 Hour Course
  • Teaching TOEIC – 30 Hour Course
  • Young Learners – 30 Hour Course
  • Teaching IELTS – 30 Hour Course
  • Teaching Business English – 30 Hour Course

Which Premier TEFL Course do we Recommend?

  • 168 Hour with OFQUAL – the 168-hour certification is a level 5 certification. This means that it meets the minimum level to be considered a professional level development course under the National Qualifications Framework in the United Kingdom and is equivalent to a higher education level certification.

What I like about the course

Intuitive Course Design

Premier TEFL has laid out their course in an easy to follow and extremely intuitive way. This is important when selecting a TEFL certification program as you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where specific items are located and how to move around the program.

Upon opening the program you are immediately taken to a page which allows you to download all of the supplementary material (grammar books, lesson plans, reading resources, etc.). From there you have a left side panel which allows you to easily navigate each module in the course and a right side panel which allows you to navigate each section in the module you are currently working through.

Every step of the process is convenient and easy to navigate through which makes completing the course less burdensome than some other TEFL courses which I have reviewed.

In-depth Content and Solid Delivery

This may sound obvious, but, a TEFL certification course which does not educate a person on becoming a better teacher or provide information which can help them to do their job better is kind of useless. Many of the TEFL certification programs (especially many of the cheapest ones) provide shallow content that doesn’t provide much value to teachers. Premier TEFL has done a fantastic job of assembling content that is both informative and useful to teachers.

Each module has been carefully selected to help course takers thoroughly prepare for what they should expect when teaching students. The Premier TEFL certification program goes in-depth into understanding grammar, teaching grammar and vocabulary, teaching writing and speaking, teaching reading and listening, teaching pronunciation, lesson planning and materials, and teaching English to young learners.

On top of all of that, there are a wide array of additional resources that can be downloaded for future use including an extensive grammar book, lesson planning resources, and more. All of this is well organized into each module so that at no point will you feel overloaded.

An additional benefit is that the content is provided in multiple different formats including short videos, podcast clips, reading resources, and more. This helps to not only further your understanding of specific topics, but, can also help to keep the material from ever seeming dry. This is in contrast to some courses which simply provide PDF scans of multiple 50-page textbooks that you are expected to read through and memorize.

Actionable Information and Advice

What I liked the most when I was going through the Premier TEFL 168 hour course is that the information is laid out in such a way that each section provides actionable tips that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

An example of this is the understanding grammar module. Throughout the lesson, there are various side notes under each section of the module which provide tips for teaching specific concepts as well as activities that can be used with young learners and older learners to help them better understand tough to learn grammatical concepts.

The entire certification program is full of advice such as this which can make the transition into teaching much smoother for newer teachers and can even benefit more experienced teachers with insights they may not have had.

What I feel could be improved in the course

The content of the course and the overall layout is quite solid. However, there are a few areas where I believe the 168-hour certification program can be improved.

Throughout the course I found many of the videos to be difficult to read due to the color choices of the font against the background of the video. This could be frustrating at times, and, while I was always able to read everything, sometimes I was forced to pause and rewind short videos just so I could make sure to catch everything.

Another aspect that can be quite annoying is the home screen layout. Even though the overall layout is incredibly intuitive the initial home screen can be a bit confusing when you first enter the course. Much of the information that is presented at the beginning is general information and downloadable supplementary information. It isn’t readily apparent at first exactly which link to click on in order to begin the actual course. Once I got started on the course itself everything ran incredibly smoothly. However, further clarification would be beneficial at the very beginning to get started.

Who do I recommend this course for?

The Premier TEFL 168- hour certification is perfect for new teachers who are planning on getting started teaching online and for first time teachers abroad. While it does not include an in-class practicum, it is a great choice for testing the waters before you make the commitment for more advanced certifications in the TEFL industry.

This is not a great option for highly advanced teachers or those are planning on teaching in countries in the Middle East where higher level certifications are a requirement.

If you are a first-time teacher, however, this course will provide you with the exact information you need to get started and will provide you with an excellent framework for furthering your career teaching English whether online or abroad.


The 168- hour OFQUAL certification program normally goes for $639. However, it has currently been reduced to $349.50.

Click on the button below to enroll in the 168-hour Certification.

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