Teach English in Mexico

With an abundance of ancient ruins, mouthwatering cuisine, and more than 9000km of coastline, Mexico offers ESL teachers incredible opportunities to explore this magical place, meet genuinely friendly locals and gain valuable teaching experience.

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What to Know about Teaching English in Mexico

Employment Requirements

  • Education

    A minimum university bachelor degree is not required but highly preferred by many employers.

  • TEFL Certification

    TEFL Certification is usually required by employers. A minimum of 120-hour TEFL certification is recommended.

  • Citizenship Requirements

    No specific citizenship requirements. Some employers may indicate a preference for specific nationalities based on their hiring needs.

Contract Hours and Terms

  • Types of Jobs

    Language schools, international schools and universities

  • Teaching Hours

    20-25 teaching hours and lesson preparation time

  • Vacation

    Paid vacation days vary by employer

  • Contract Period

    12 months

Income and Living Costs

  • Salary

    $500 - $800 per month

  • Living Costs

    $500 - 800 per month

  • Savings Potential


  • Startup Cost

    $1300 - 1800

  • Housing

    Housing is not typically offered

  • Airfare

    Airfare is typically not offered

  • Health Insurance

    Legally employed teachers are enrolled in the national health care program.

Getting Hired

  • Best Time to Apply


  • Hiring Process

    Many employers prefer to interview in-person in Mexico. Some employers will interview over the phone in advance.

  • Visas

    To teach English in Mexico legally, one must obtain an FM3 work visa.

Recommended TEFL Certification to
Teach English in Mexico

Popular Cities to Teach English in Mexico

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