TEFL Certification

If you plan to teach English as a foreign language having a TEFL certification is important. Increasingly, countries and employers demand teachers who have both a university degree and a TEFL certification. Without a TEFL certification, your chances of landing a quality job are becoming more limited.

There are different ways to get TEFL certified:

  • An online TEFL certification
  • A blended/hybrid learning TEFL certification
  • An in-class TEFL certification

To Get Your TEFL Certification Online We Recommend

Premier TEFL

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Premier TEFL provides a thorough 168-hour online certification course. The course is a great option for online English teachers as well as teachers who may be going abroad for the first time and aren’t yet committed to teaching English on a longterm basis. The course is a level 5 certification under the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation which means it qualifies as an advanced level professional certification. Experienced teachers who are looking to work in countries in the Middle East as well as in certain schools in East Asian countries should opt instead for a hybrid/blended learning certification or an in-person course.

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To Get a Blended Learning or In-Person TEFL Certification We Recommend

International TEFL Academy

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International TEFL Academy provides a 150-hour online TEFL certification which is coupled with a 20-hour in-class live practicum. They also offer 4-week in-person training courses in cities throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Their certification programs are rigorous and informative and are meant to prepare teachers for everything they will experience while working abroad as an English teacher. All of their courses are accredited and many of the in-person programs are accredited by both international and local agencies.

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