Career Advancement Opportunities in ESL:
Interview with ALO7’s Jason Pshyk

Jason Pshyk left his corporate job in Canada to seek a new life experience abroad. So he boarded a plane to South Korea where he taught English for several years. As time went on, he realized he wanted more in a career. So when opportunity knocked, Jason made his next move and accepted a managerial role in one of China's most prominent online English education companies. Learn about Jason's journey from ESL teacher to manager and discover what he believes is key if you are seeking career advancement opportunities in ESL.
Jason Pshyk

Career Advancement Opportunities in ESL Do Exist.
But Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Leader And Role Model?

Jason Pshyk Alo7
Jason Pshyk, ALO7

Jason is a Canadian who, like so many ESL teachers, came to the realization that the typical life and career he envisioned in Canada would not be. Not because he wasn’t qualified, nor because he was unemployed. On the contrary. Jason quit a budding corporate career. Life is short, and there had to be more to it than the daily grind. A trip to South Korea sealed the deal, and after earning his TEFL certification, Jason was teaching English in the booming ESL market of South Korea. Jason’s decision to move abroad and teach English was not primarily for financial reasons – he is both adventurous and curious at heart. In fact, when we met up with him for this interview, he had just returned from a brief trip to India. After a long stint as an ESL teacher, Jason arrived at a crossroads: What next?

This question is one that every ESL teacher living abroad faces at some stage. Do I go back home and re-integrate? Do I continue teaching, but in another location? Or, do I prepare myself for career advancement opportunities in ESL, such as becoming a head teacher, academic director, or curriculum developer? These are typical questions that cross one’s mind when living abroad and teaching English.

Jason Pshyk At The Taj Mahal

Jason Pshyk enjoying a quick break from work at the Taj Mahal.

Perhaps the answers to these questions depend on several variables and personal circumstances. Everyone is in a different phase in life, so what might be the right decision for some may not be for others.

Coming back to Jason. Still young and full of energy and passion for teaching ESL learners, he chose the path of career advancement in ESL. While teaching English part-time for a major player in China’s burgeoning online English language industry, Jason was offered a chance to join the company’s full-time academic core. Now based in Shanghai, Jason is Online Tutor Manager for ALO7, a role in which Jason wears several hats and leads a large team comprised of both locals and expats. Some of his roles include recruiting and onboarding new online teachers, monitoring and ensuring teachers consistently deliver quality lessons, and providing teachers with tools and skills needed to help teach English online effectively.

ALO7 itself has developed a reputation of being a great online ESL company to work with. One look at the company’s Facebook page and blog reveals that the company has an active online tutor community, and speaking with several tutors provides ample validation that people working with the company are generally happy.

Like any leadership role involving both locals and expats, Jason’s work offers plenty of challenges and just as many rewards. But most of all, his progression from ESL teacher to leading a large in-house team as well as an even larger team of online teachers around the world is evidence enough that there are indeed career advancement opportunities in ESL, if you have the right mindset, intentions, and work ethic.

Let’s step into Jason’s world to find out more. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we do.

Career Advancement Opportunities in ESL: An Interview with ALO7's Jason Pshyk

If you enjoyed watching this interview and are interested in career advancement opportunities in ESL, ALO7 has a significant expat team based in its Shanghai headquarters. Most of the company’s in-house expat staff started as online tutors, and the company has a strong preference for hiring and promoting from within. If a career in online education interests you, check out ALO7.

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