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Best Webcams For Teaching Online

Best Affordable Webcams for Teaching Online in 2020

If you use a laptop computer, you most likely have a built-in webcam you can use for teaching online. But, whether you use a laptop or desktop, placing your webcam in the most optimal position is only possible with an external webcam. If you teach online, you might want to consider switching to an external webcam. In this post, we look at the best webcams for teaching online.

Best Bluelight Glasses For Teachers

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Online Teachers in 2020

If you are an online ESL teacher, you spend a considerable amount of time in front of screens that emit blue light. While the evidence is still out on the benefits of wearing blue light blocking glasses, many people profess their love for them and the improvements to their sleep as a result. Find out whether you need blue light blocking glasses.

Discover the Best Places to Teach English and Make Money

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We’ll show you which locations offer the best opportunities to gain experience and make decent money as an ESL teacher.

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Jason Pshyk

Career Advancement Opportunities in ESL: Interview with ALO7’s Jason Pshyk

Jason Pshyk left his corporate job in Canada to seek a new life experience abroad. So he boarded a plane to South Korea where he taught English for several years. As time went on, he realized he wanted more in a career. So when opportunity knocked, Jason made his next move and accepted a managerial role in one of China’s most prominent online English education companies. Learn about Jason’s journey from ESL teacher to manager and discover what he believes is key if you are seeking career advancement opportunities in ESL.

Ho Chi Minh City

Meet The TEFL Academy’s Sabrina Moris

We met with Sabrina Moris, Marketing Assistant at The TEFL Academy, who shared with us why their accredited TEFL certification courses are an ideal choice for anyone considering teaching English.

Teaching English in Mexico

Teaching English in Mexico: Meet Jan M

We met up with Jan M, who is a certified teacher living with her family in Mexico and teaching in a private school there. Jan is an American citizen who made the move to Mexico with a higher purpose. Find out her amazing story.

Tefl Or Celta

What are the Differences Between TEFL and CELTA?

Anyone contemplating a career as an ESL teacher will undoubtedly come across a range of certifications under various names. The most notable of these are the TEFL, TESL, TESOL, and CELTA qualifications. Are they the same? Which one should you complete? In this post, we’ll explore each and definitively answer these questions.

Interview with i to i TEFL

Get to Know the People at i-to-i TEFL: Meet Catherine Greenwood

i-to-i TEFL is one of the pioneers in TEFL certification courses, and an early adopter of online TEFL certification course delivery. In this post, we meet up with i-to-i TEFL’s Catherine Greenwood, who takes us inside for a deeper look at how the academy has – and continues to – stand amongst the few offering a UK Ofqual accredited and regulated Level 5 TEFL qualifications.

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